Happy Pi Day!



Happy Pi Day!  Today is March 14 (i.e., 3.14).  A day to celebrate math and the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter…by indulging in pie!  Since I already shared a savory pie with you, now it’s time for a sweet one.  There’s no rule against having pie twice in one day (or even one meal)…especially on Pi Day!

Since I didn’t have time to make a my own sweet pie, I jumped at the opportunity to try a Marie Callender’s pie.  The biggest challenge here was selecting which flavor we wanted!  It was a tough decision given all of the tempting fruit and cream pies available (they offer savory pot pies too, but I definitely wanted sweet).   I decided to go with a common flavor that I’ve never had before – Coconut Cream Pie.  (The Banana Cream Pie was a close second).  Of course, we had to sample the pie before actual Pi Day…just to be sure.  We enjoyed every bite of this pie while pondering the ins and outs of Pi (or perhaps we were just pondering another slice of pie!)

While eating pie is everybody’s favorite activity to celebrate Pi, visit Marie Callender’s blog for several neat Pi-related activies, as well as other party ideas, how-to’s and more.

What is your favorite Marie Callender’s pie?  Share your experience!  You can rate and review any of Marie Callender’s products here.

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  1. Happy Pi Day 🙂