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Q: What made you decide to start a food blog?  
A: I wish I had a good answers to this, or at least a witty one.  Truth is, I love to cook, bake and take pictures, so starting a food blog was a natural way to bring it all together.  It also keeps us inspred to try new things and avoid a dinner rut (like we experienced after Adam was born!).

Q: I see you used “light butter” in the recipe.  What kind do you use?
A: Unless noted otherwise in the recipes, I use Land ‘o Lake light butter sticks.  Light butter doesn’t always work in baking, so I like to make note when I am able to use it with success.  With cooking, I have never had an issue using light butter in place of regular.  That said, if you prefer to use regular butter instead of light, that will work too.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Since January, 2012, I am using a Canon Powershot s100.  I prefer a point & shoot so I can quickly transition from photographing dinner to snapping a quick shot of Adam without fiddling with lenses, settings, etc.  Prior to January, I used a Sony Cybershot, which works nicely as well.

Q:  I made your {recipe} and would like to blog about it.  Is that okay?
A:  Absolutely!  I love to see new twists on recipes and might want to try it your way next time!  Please use your own photo and cite your source with a link back to my site.