Silk’s Tastemaker Challenge

I have been selected by Silk and DailyBuzz Food to be an ambassador for Silk Soymilk.  While I have been compensated for my time, all opinions are completely my own.  

When I told my kids that the new taste of Silk Soymilk left me speechless, their reaction was, well…you can see for yourself.


Indeed.  While I did not capture photographic evidence of Mike’s reaction, it’s safe to assume the refrigerator is going to be well stocked with Silk.  Ha!  I didn’t remain speechless for long though.  Let me tell you how Silk Soymilk transformed two of my everyday staples into something so extraordinary that it almost left me speechless!

I began my Silk Tastemaker Challenge with the most important meal of the day: breakfast!  I enjoy the same old breakfast day after day: oatmeal, unsweetened cocoa, and flaxseed, all cooked in water and topped with a sliced banana.  It’s basic, it’s simple and it’s tasty!  I decided that replacing the water with Silk Soymilk would be a good way to test the new taste of Silk.  And now enter the speechless moment.  My (slightly) boring old breakfast became something different; something better! 

For my next Silk Tastemaker Challenge, I decided to use Silk Soymilk in my favorite mixed berry smoothie.  I replaced the usual juice with Silk Soymilk.  The result?  Let’s just say this post-workout smoothie did not last long.  In fact, the only thing slowing me down was the ice cream headache.  You know, when you consume something icy cold so fast that your head literally hurts?  I think some people call it a brain freeze.  Anyway, I  have not had an ice cream headache since I was a child!  I told Mike ‘This is the best smoothie I’ve ever had in my life.  You have to try it!’  Mike took a sip and his eyes lit up.  I could tell he wanted more, but he politely declined since he knew how starving I was after a long run.  However, the next day, when I got back from my run, I found two glasses innocently placed next to the blender.  I guess I’m not the only one who was left speechless by the new taste of Silk Soymilk!

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