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Easy Date Bars

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Easy Date Bars are a date-filled oatmeal bars inspired by a childhood favorite.  They taste similar to my grandma’s recipe, only made a little healthier and are super quick and easy to make!  

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One of my favorite cookies from childhood is a recipe my grandma used to make, called Trilbies.  They are a soft, oatmeal cookie with a date filling.  They were SO good.  I do have her recipe, but I remember she always complained about how much trouble they were to make.  They always end up last on my holiday baking list and never get made.  This year, I decided to take my favorite aspects of the recipe –  dates and oats – and turn them into simple Easy Date Bars!   They taste pretty darn close to the beloved cookie – close enough anyway, because these Easy Date Bars are super easy to make!…

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