Orange Banana Smoothie

This Orange Banana Smoothie recipe features a simple and delicious fruit flavor combination, along with protein-packed Greek yogurt, and takes only minutes to make! 

Orange Banana Smoothie |

Every morning I wake up early to go on a long run before the chaos (i.e. kids wake up!) Then the usual morning routine begins to get everyone breakfast, dressed and ready for school. Of course this means that sometimes I end up missing my own breakfast because, well…life happens. However this easy Orange Banana Smoothie recipe that takes only a minute to make (and is super delicious) is just what I need to start my mornings right!

Orange Banana Smoothie |

Not only does is this Orange Banana Smoothie easy to make, but it uses only three ingredients. A frozen banana is always a favorite ingredient in smoothies because it yields a creamy consistency when whipped up in a blender, kind of like soft serve ice cream. I also like to add Greek yogurt for a calcium and protein boost. Trop50 juice beverage brings everything together, providing just the right amount of sweetness and perfectly balancing the orange and banana flavors.

Orange Banana Smoothie |

I like that Trop50 offers the great-tasting goodness of orange juice with 50% less sugar and calories. Trop50 is squeezed from fresh oranges, provides 100% of your vitamin C needs, is a good source of potassium and has no artificial sweetener.

Orange Banana Smoothie |

This Orange Banana Smoothie is perfect for on-the-go, afternoon snacks or those busy mornings before school…and has made my mornings a whole lot tastier!

Orange Banana Smoothie |

Orange Banana Smoothie
Yields: 1 serving
  • 1 banana (sliced and frozen)
  • ½ cup Trop50 juice beverage
  • 2 ounces plain Greek yogurt (I use non fat)
  1. In a blender, process frozen banana, Trop50 and Greek yogurt until smooth. Serve chilled.


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  1. Christine says:

    hello. I’ve never frozen bananas before but would love to try this trick for the smoothie. Do I freeze it whole with the peel on or would I remove peel and cut up in chunks and place in a baggy or container for freezing ??

    • Alida Fischbach says:

      Hi Christine, I peel and slice the banana, put it into a zip top plastic bag and then put in the freezer. I try to keep a stash on hand at all times because frozen bananas are so versatile and tasty!