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 This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Lean Cuisine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HonestlyGood #ad http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good

With Fall schedules in full swing, between school and activities for Adam, and Greta’s new favorite hobby of walking all over the place (with assistance, but yikes!), life is bizzzzy!  Add in Mike traveling for work, and it can be downright exhausting.  By the end of the day, sometimes it is hard to muster up the energy to cook a dinner for one.  While I have a long list of quick and easy dinner recipes, it seems like a lot of work to cook for just me (especially since Mike typically does the dishes).  It is important to set a healthy example for the kids, however, so frozen pizza (or just ice cream!) just won’t do.


For my latest dinner for one, I was standing in the frozen foods section at Target trying to find something quick and easy, but healthy too.  One of my friends recommended Lean Cuisine’s new collection of Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals.  Having been underwhelmed by frozen meals before, I admit I was skeptical.  But I was willing to take her word for it.  Since they are full of 100% all natural, wholesome ingredients with a sauce you add yourself, it was worth a try!

There are six different varieties to choose from:   Honey Citrus Chicken, Lemongrass Salmon, Pineapple Black Pepper Beef, Plum Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish, Pomegranate Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper Chicken.

I chose Roasted Red Pepper Chicken, and in just 5 easy minutes, I had…well look at the picture first, then I will tell you about it.

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good

Can you believe that was from a frozen meal?  Look at all that broccoli and pasta!  Not quite like the three broccoli florets and 6 pasta noodles found in other frozen meals.   The chicken was delicious, moist and flavorful.  Plus, I really liked being able to control the amount of sauce (which was tasty too, by the way).  It was really good…honestly good, and took only minutes to prepare!

I was excited to share my new find with Mike, since he looks forward to healthy eating at home to detox after being on the road.  The Plum Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish was perfect for a quick and healthy lunch.  It is served with a generous side of brown rice with edamame and snap peas, wax beans and carrots.  He could not stop raving about it!

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good

No matter how busy Adam’s activity schedule becomes or how many times Greta and I walk around the kitchen island or how many nights I am having dinner for one, in just a few quick minutes, I can cook up a delicious, healthy Honestly Good meal. These are all things to look forward to!  (Well, except for the dinner for one.  I’d prefer Mike to be home enjoying a Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Meal too!) 🙂

 This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Lean Cuisine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HonestlyGood #ad http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.


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  1. I thought these were pretty good as frozen meals too! A lot more food then traditional frozen entrees and they tasted better too!

    • Alida Fischbach says:

      That’s what I thought too! I usually need to supplement frozen meals with more veggies, but not these. I was really impressed!

  2. Lianne Reynolds says:

    I make it three. I tried the pomegranate chicken and was impressed. Thank you for picturing the fish; it looks great and I look forward to trying it.

  3. It all looks so fresh and tasty!