Iced Coffee Yogurt Pops |

Iced Coffee Yogurt Pops

Iced Yogurt Coffee Pops are simple two ingredient creamy frozen treats combining Caribou Premium Iced coffee with a protein boost from Greek yogurt. Thank you to Caribou Coffee for sponsoring this post. 

Iced Coffee Yogurt Pops |

During the summer when the kids are home, they keep me on my toes all day long. From park trips to the zoo to swimming to let’s do arts and crafts or ‘we should really bake something’…the fun is never ending.  I love every minute of it, but sometimes I find myself nodding off in the afternoons when napping really is not an option (or so I am told!). Fortunately I discovered new Caribou Premium Iced Coffee which has become a delicious afternoon pick-me-up that I look forward to all day long! …

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