Top 10 Recipes from 2012: Reader Favorites!

As we are nearing the end of 2012, it is time to look back at the most popular new recipes of the year ~ YOUR favorite recipes!

Over a year and a half since starting Alida’s Kitchen, it has been such a fun opportunity to share what goes on in our kitchen with you. My hope is to have inspired you to get in the kitchen, to try something new and/or different, to make something special for loved ones or simply to treat yourself.  I have so many recipes and ideas for 2013, including many delicious, healthy recipes to start the new year.  I am eager to start sharing them all with you.  In the meantime, let’s look back at the 10 most popular recipes from 2012 on Alida’s Kitchen!     

10.  Double Chocolate Chip Muffins – a low-fat chocolate muffin studded with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate chips…all under 200 calories! 

9.  Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars – pumpkin cheesecake made on the lighter side in an easy-to-make bar.

8.  No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie – This pie takes 10 minutes to make (with ingredients easy to keep on hand at all times) and then is chilled to creamy perfection.

7.  Four Cheese Lasagna –  This lasagna is hands down one of our favorite dinners.  We make it for special occasions, and it is such a treat!  (Bonus – leftovers heat up extremely well)

6.  Carrot Cake Pancakes – Carrot cake in pancake form, these are awesome.  Adam loves these, Mike and I love these, and clearly you love these enough for them to take the #6 spot. 

5.  Pumpkin Banana Muffins – Since posting these, I can’t even count how many times I have made these muffins for Adam.  They are simple to make and a tasty breakfast (or any time) treat!

4.  Lighter Pretzel-Crusted Chicken – This chicken is as easy as it is tasty.  We always have the ingredients on hand, and it’s so quick to make. 

3.  Oven-Baked Sriracha Chicken – Spicy, Sriracha chicken baked in the oven.  Another easy, tasty household favorite. 

2.  Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes – I admired this recipe for years and was so excited for an opportunity to make these cupcakes.  Truly the ultimate Oreo cupcake!

1.  Lighter Sesame Chicken – Who doesn’t love a light twist on a classic favorite…and so easy! Lighter Sesame Chicken is amazing and definitely suited for the #1 spot. 

Next I will be sharing our favorite recipes from 2012!


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