Land ‘o Lakes Eggs

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program with Land ‘o Lakes, I was the lucky recipient of coupons for 2 dozen free Land ‘o Lakes eggs.  We use so many Land ‘o Lakes products, from cottage cheese to light butter to ice cream, I was definitely excited for the opportunity to use their eggs.  The Land ‘o Lakes website has a wealth of information about their eggs, including the Egg Essentials Brochure, which details their different types of eggs, as well as their benefits.  I chose the Omega 3 eggs.  Since I don’t eat any fish, I’m always looking to get my good fats from other sources.

I used the eggs in several recipes, including Cottage Cheese Pancakes, Skinny Pumpkin Pie, Peanut  Butter Surprise Muffins, Easy Spinach and Cheese Lasagna, and here are a couple pictures of others that will be posted in the coming weeks.  I absolutely love these eggs, but something happened that makes me love Land ‘o Lakes even more.
 One night I was making Pumpkin Banana Pancakes.  I opened the refrigerator to grab the eggs, and then SMACK!  The egg carton slipped out of the fridge and onto the ceramic floor.  Oh NO!  This happened once before, with a different brand of eggs (full carton, mind you) and I lost them ALL.  Now Mike was gone, Adam was asleep, I had partial pancake batter, thought I lost the rest of my eggs, and was dreading the mess.  It was 10pm, and I was tired.  I reluctantly picked up the carton, looked through the clear packaging, and….I saw only one little crack.  Could it be?  I opened the carton, picked each one up and indeed…I only lost ONE egg.  Whoever created the packaging for the Land ‘o Lakes eggs is pure genius!  It saved my eggs from a potential disaster.  Premium quality eggs, premium quality packaging, Land ‘o Lakes eggs rock!

Tomorrow I will share with you the recipe for the Pumpkin Banana Pancakes.  Adam absolutely LOVED them and so did we!


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