Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake |

Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake

Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake combines the classic taste of chocolate and marshmallows into a cool and creamy, easy to make dessert. Thank you to TruMoo Milk for sponsoring this post.

Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake |

Whenever I think chocolate and marshmallows, I immediately think of hot chocolate. That warm cup of hot chocolate studded with marshmallows enjoyed after a long day of playing in the snow, sledding, skating, building a snowman. Chocolate and marshmallows are such a wonderful combination that should be enjoyed beyond the mug. From cookies to s’mores to brownies and more, there are so many delicious ways to enjoy this tasty combo…especially in this easy to make Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake!…

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