25+ Back to School Recipes Kids Can Help Make! | #recipes #HorizonB2S

25+ Healthy Back To School Recipes! #HorizonB2S

Over 25 Healthy Back to School Recipes that kids can help make by the best food bloggers from across the web.  

25+ Back to School Recipes Kids Can Help Make! | #recipes #HorizonB2S

Today we are officially back to school.  It is Adam’s first day of Pre-K, and we are all so excited!  Greta and I will miss him during the day, but look forward to seeing his smile every afternoon.  I know he will be excited to come home (and for Greta’s nap) so that we can make a snack together, do some dinner prep, maybe even make some muffins for easy breakfasts throughout the week.  Adam loves to help in the kitchen.  I always find the more involved kids are in the kitchen, the more likely they are to try what they make.

As we head back into the school year, I wanted to compile a list of recipes from my favorite food bloggers that are not only kid-approved delicious, but are also kid-friendly to make!  From no-bake bites to frozen fruit bars to easy snacks, fast dinners and more, this a great list to have handy.  By presenting healthy options, you empower kids to make healthy choices while having fun too!  …

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