Santa Fe Chicken Baked Quesadillas
Yields: 3 quesadillas
  • ¾ cups shredded cheese (colby jack or cheddar)
  • 1 can Progresso Zesty Santa Fe Chicken Ready-To-Eat Soup, drained
  • 1 can black beans, rinsed, drained and mashed
  • 6 8-inch tortillas
  1. Preheat oven to 425F degrees. Line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a medium bowl, combined drained soup and mashed black beans.
  3. Lay 3 tortillas on prepared baking sheets. Divide evenly the bean mixture and spread over each tortilla. Sprinkle ¼ cup cheese over each tortilla and top with remaining tortilla.
  4. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until cheese is melty and the top tortilla is golden. Slice in wedges and serve.
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